Dorian ir’Alkestes

Character’s Current Goals

  • Read Carrion’s Journal (understand it?, then use it to destroy him
  • Wait for Jaer to arrive, then feel out announcing himself to Deneith
  • Keep an eye on Vivianna
  • Watch for signs of Caerys and his band

At First Glance…

Dorian is quiet and reserved, not given to outbursts of emotion – whether rage or joy. He is calm, calculating, and grim. He knows that life is an unending struggle, and to survive is to kill any weakness, or at least, such has his unhappy life taught him thus far. In truth, he dearly wishes to be a hero in both body and spirit. At his core, he believes that honor and duty are the cornerstones of a man’s life, and without solid footing, life is unworthy. However, he fears that there can be no escape from the wages his life has earned, and so he commits crimes and atrocities to survive; embittered that,for his body to survive, his soul must die.


Dorian was the oldest son of the Alkestes line, an old, proud Karrnathi heritage that rule over the northeastern town of Silver Lake. He graduated from Rekkenmark Academy with honors, first in his class. He lost all of this, along with his honor, when he led his squad to their death during a failed scouting expedition into the Talenta Plains. Disgraced by his failures, Dorian fled his country before they could exile him. During his wanderings, he was captured and enslaved by the Valenar. He lived among them for 5 years, but won their respect – and his freedom – when he defeated one of the Valenar warriors in single combat with nothing but an iron ladle and a fire poker. After parting with the Valenar warband on good terms, he travelled to Sharn, where he once again vanished into obscurity and desperation, though, not for long…

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