Downtime One

It was a long month.

Eyre 1st

And it had started off with what some would call a “bang.” Carrion had introduced himself during Jaeryn’s ball, and the Dragonmarked man had brought guests: crazed men, aberrant soldiers, and a great beast that he unleashed as he fled. Kerra and Dorian were able to slay the creatures, but at a cost: Kae, Jaeryn’s changeling, had been killed, along with a host of nobles that had been blocked in the courtyard. Toras Imshee, a Karrnathi noble with ties to the Emerald Claw, had helped. However, his distaste and dislike of Kerra was not a secret, and the brutal reveal of his connection to the Claw during the dinner turned him into an enemy.

Eyre 2nd

There hadn’t been many clues accompanying the appearance of Carrion, but it all led back to the Fallen district. Dorian had investigated the strange sights the former religious capital of Sharn held, and had paired up with a man named “Shifty” to scout out Carrion’s recruiting ground. The two had moved through the building quickly, finding a small diary, a head on a pike, and the draconic prophecy scratched all over the walls. Not understanding, Dorian made a deal with Shifty to keep his secrets safe, and in turn, Kerra would be allowed to investigate the draconic.

Meanwhile, Kerra had spent the day with a beautiful woman, and Dylana opened up about her past. The girl was a juggled political piece, destined to unite two noble houses in a stake for power, and she seemed to accept the situation. The two spent the day exploring the Fellen manor, and the gardens outside. Later that night, Kerra was unnerved by a pushy Areden, who questioned her past. Eventually, the man simply gave up, but the damage was done, and Kerra was in a surly mood afterwards.

Eyre 4th

Two days later, Dorian met up with the ever illustrious Vivianna. She had news for him, but it wasn’t what the Karrnathi knight wanted to hear. The sword he carried was a legendary blade, forged in a past age by wizards that harnessed arcane power with ease and artistry. According to the records of the logbook, the sword was called The Heretic Blade, and it aligned itself to those it seen potential in. It would be an agent of betrayal and broken friendships, and it had called itself to Dorian. The librarian truly believed Dorian was a good man, not a betrayer at all, and she threw herself to him, hoping to redeem him. However, his wounds ran deeper than simple scars, and he was forced to abandon the woman.

On that same day, Kerra had found out the fate of her old friend and ally, Raine. The girl named Storme had found Kerra, and with her came the thief Verrick. After a tense argument, the three of them assaulted the old hideout that Verrick and Raine had used. There, Kerra had been forced to face her old rival, Tannis Sol. The man had trained under The Walker before Kerra, but had failed the inane mage’s strange regime, lusting for power instead of control. Completing a ritual on Raine, the thief had risen and attacked Kerra, Storme, and Verrick. Tannis fled, and the battle was pitched and difficult, but in the end, Kerra saved Raine while Verrick had fallen to his wounds. A desperate, begging Storme had asked Kerra to train her as a mage, and a deal was reluctantly accepted.

Eyre 10th

Kerra and Dorian had met up on the 10th of Eyre, and returned to Fallen. The district was as shifty as their guide, but they had made it to the prophetic room without running into trouble. Kerra had deciphered what she could, but it wasn’t much: apparently, the room was a tool to record research. The summary and solution was missing, the wall blown out by magical force and forever lost, but the jist was still there: whatever the room was used for, the answer had been found, and it had to deal with the twelve Dragonmarks.

Escaping Carrion’s hold, they found themselves in a fight with a half-orc and his aberrant minions. The fight was tense but luck and skill was on the side of Kerra, Dorian, and Shifty, and it ended quickly. With aberrations dead at their feet and the half-orc poisoned from Kerra’s spell, they investigated. The half-orc was Marked, he had been of House Tharashk.

Eyre 13th

Three days later, Dorian had to blow off steam. He travelled the pits of Sharn, looking for fights and ways to make quick coin, and eventually the Burning Ring called out to him. He spent three nights there, fighting under a pseudonym, and he defeated every opponent that was thrown at him. After the third night, a man approached Dorian, with a lucrative offer. The man was “Sangseer,” an arranger and recruiter for an event he called “The Herocal.” He wanted Dorian to fight in it, and promised good coin for good results. Giving the Deneith heir a Sivis address, he vanished, awaiting to hear Dorian’s answer.

Throughout the month, Kerra quickly became the court’s newest plaything. She was invited to balls, luncheons, dinners, and airship gala’s. Dylana always accompanied her, and the two of them grew closer and closer as the days went on. Storme had come back with Kerra on the 5th, and Dylana had quickly accepted the girl. The story wasn’t far from the truth, that Kerra would begin mentoring Storme, and the street girl kept a surprisingly civil tongue and manners around everyone but her new master. If she ever had to imitate the nobility, she would be well set, and Dylana and Storme became odd friends; for Dylana the friendship was real, for Storme, well, she was very hard to read.

Kerra met two prominent figures among the nobility, both of them hearing of her escapades during Jaeryn’s ball, and both of them offering her work. The first was Ghaan ir’Vestol, and he hinted at a job that involved a rival house, his mysterious wife, and a strange book he refused to read. The second was Keint ir’Rann, and his offer dealed with skiving merchants and something called “The Lily Plains.”

Eyre 15th

Carrion struck again on the 15th, or at the least, that much could be deduced from the events of the day. A large portal of corrupted magic opened into the center of the Dragon Towers district, and a host of aberrations spilled forth. Large groups of people were killed in the chaos, and a cluster of raving madmen accompanied the monsters, creating chaos in the district of the Great Houses. It took the combined teamwork of a group of Dragonmarked scholars to end the assault and kill the aberrations, and in the end, it seemed a random and chaotic event.

On the same day, Dorian received a Sivis message from Jaer d’Deneith, a response to the message he had sent earlier. Jaer had instructed Dorian to stay calm and quiet about the Dragonmark, that he was in Breland, and would be arriving in Sharn in a few days. He didn’t want the man to reveal the Dragonmark yet, not without some kind of formal support in Deneith, so he was travelling to Sharn on the lightning rail.

Still, the need to discover more about his new life led Dorian to investigate the enclaves of Deneith. Being careful, he was able to find out much about the lives of the new heirs, and what those new lives entailed. Introduction is done first with a background check, an extensive one, to find out which ancestor carried the Dragonmark. Secondly, a lengthy and formal interview was conducted, one that was usually less than pleasant. After that, heirs are inducted into the house with a formal ceremony in any of the enclaves, and after that, responsibilities are simple. Able members must spend time training mercenary bands, accepting contracts for the House, and accepting any duties your Company Master places on you. Pay is of course very real, and quite generous for all ‘Marked members.

Eyre 17th

Near the end of the month, Kerra had an itch to scratch. She travelled through Firelight, looking for a high stakes game of Progenitor to play, and found it fast enough. The bets were large and intimidating, but the sellsword played with style and did very well for herself, earning coin and respect from the members of the table. Her greatest opponent seemed the most impressed, and introduced himself as “Sangseer,” an arranger and recruiter for an event he called “The Herocal.” He wanted Kerra’s participation in it, and left her a Sivis address to send an answer too.

Eyre 19th

Gathering momentum, Carrion struck again on the 19th, this time in person. A House Kundarak bank was put under siege by the villain, and with the help of a strange man, they was able to walk and bypass each and every ward the enclave had set. The sellswords could only guess the origins of the strange lunatic Carrion had used, and it reached all the way back to Fallen. In the end, Carrion had escaped with an undisclosed amount of gold and jewels, and the only member of his assaulting party he had took with him was the strange man. The aberrations and madmen were left to be killed or captured by the dwarves, and the event’s true details were all under lock and key.

Eyre 21st

Dorian had intercepted a message that was for Kerra, as it had been sent to the Clawfoot. It was a simple letter from a Gith called Xer’taloes, and his message was clear: “The expedition is ready.”

Downtime One

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