Kerrigan ir’Laisha

Character’s Current Goals

  • Stop Carrion.
  • Deepen her friendship with Dylana.
  • Continue her Arcane Research.
  • Teach Storme.
  • Defeat Tannis.
  • Find new wagers that excite her.

At First Glance…

A wizard torn between two philosophies of magic, that which is used to kill and that which is used to enrich life. There is a medium there that she hopes to find. She is full of lusts and passions that at times seem to not be wholly hers, or perhaps the urges are so strong that the memories of them seem out of place with her usual mindset. She has a sharp wit and keen intellect that she squanders on her vices, gambling and carousing. In battle and life she forms plans on the fly, in the thick of action rather than beforehand.


Her life on the Manor of Mirrored Sky was quiet and lonely, her father away on business and her mother sequestered. She was raised by servants and books. The range of her reading went from dry recounts of history and mathematics to poetic tales of heroics, and even to steamy ‘romance’ novels. It was little wonder that she did well in the school she went to, and was soon elevated to a school for magewrights as she showed an incredible talent for the arcane.

She had other plans for herself, though, and after a questionable experience with a teacher her discontent finally met a breaking point and she fled the school. Taken in by a strange old man named The Walker (yes he can tell if you don’t capitalize both words) she was soon on a more satisfying ‘curiculuum’ of the art of a battle mage. After her training with the old man, he disappeared. Left to her own devices, she joined the war. It was there that she accidentally killed an ally with her magic, and lost some amount of faith in the power. After the War, and unwilling to use magic for a paycheck, she turned to larceny and was soon betrayed by her partners to the authorities…

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