Kerra Solo3

The Forge is a strange concept for a tavern, tailored towards and staffed by Warforged… which had no need for the fare of the establishment. Kerra could understand the need for a community hearth for Warforged, but she could never figure out why they decided to make it a tavern. She usually wouldn’t frequent such a place but for her once usual visits to Spinner, the warforged scout bouncer. He and Kerra served side-by-side for Breland in the last war, and she spared time to visit the ‘forged fairly often. In their usual conversation, Spinner mentioned two notable things. The first was some mysterious dispute and struggle between the warforged of that area and an enemy he would not specify. The second simply stoked Kerra’s suspicion, perhaps just a happenstance of phrasing, and warned her agaisnt “the hounds of the city.” Lastly he mentioned that an old assosciate from the War was also there, Xer’taleos was just inside.

She went to go meet with the Gith artificer who happened to be working on a rather distructive arcane device at the moment. After some small talk concerning the wisdom of fiddling with such a destructive instrument in a crowded place, Xer’taleos invited Kerra to his workshop. Kerra knew the Gith had more in mind than watching her hips swing, as he had indicated, and so accepted the invitation. She astonished Xer on the ride down the magical lift, forwardly plunging her fingers down the front of her tiny shorts right there beside him. When she produced the obviously enchanted silver coin, he was able to explain that the enchantment caused the stabbing pain and nausea when in proximity to whom it was attuned to. It is likely she had been somewhere near the invisible benefactor that bought Dorian and Kerra’s freedom, which was enough to make her ponder for the rest of the trip.

In the workshop, Kerra got topless. Stay with me. The Gith revealed a desire to have Kerra, now a sell-sword, be part of an expedition into a recently discovered Creation Forge. The potential of such a journey was more than enough to pique the sorcerous girl’s interest, but with Xer willing to pay, the deal was sealed. With that matter of business out of the way, Xer appealed to Kerra’s gambling habit. He had lovingly crafted a wonderous graft that could collect and store ambient magical energies, as well as allow the graftee to expend that energy to enhance a spell. All he had to do was insert it into Kerra’s lovely spine. So with her modesty barely covered, she endured some of the most intense pain of her career, which was followed by a euphoric rush as her body was attuned to the flow of magic that saturated Eberron. Only after the procedure, which left a small, black, and dimly glowing shard high on Kerra’s back, did Xer’taleos deign to mention that the last person he tested the device on had been consumed in flame.

If she hadn’t have been so pleased with the results, she might have thunderwaved the artificer off of the walkways that made up the artificer’s Workshop.

Kerra Solo3

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