Session Logs

The Unsung Heroes

The Untold Story…

Episode I: Everyone Starts Somewhere. You Start at the Bottom.
Session 1: Welcome to Sharn, Leave Your Honor at the Gates.
Session 2: Baying of the Hounds.
Session 3: What do a Noble, the Blood of Vol, and the Watch Have in Common?
Session 4: Killing the Watch is Okay When You’re Getting Paid.

Episode II: Sellswords Need Gold Too.
Session 5: You Want Us to Kill an Airship?
Kerra Solo: I Think it’s Going to be a Rainy, Stormy Night.
Dorian Solo: Dorian Can Read? Dorian Can Fight!
Session 6: Ironically, This Seems to be Going According to Plan.
Kerra Solo: Play Your Cards Right, or Sleep With Him. Your Choice.
Dorian Solo: The Tallest Always Fall the Furthest.
Kerra Solo: The Fastest Way to a Woman’s Heart is Through Her Spine.

Episode III: This Ballroom Smells Like Impending Death.
Session 7: Got the Invitations, the Hidden Daggers, and the Dress. Let’s go to a Ball.
Session 8: The Sickly-Sweet Stench of Carrion.
Session 9: The Thorn in our Side.
Kerra Solo: Who Said You Can’t Love Your Friends?
Dorian Solo: Fallen Heroes Belong in Fallen.
Dorian Solo: When You’re All Out of Honor, it’s Time to Start Talking to Your Sword.
Kerra Solo: Kiss and Tell.
Session 10: Dealing with Know-It-All Rogues Always Involves Liquor.
Session 11: Does This Dragonmark Look Infected to You?

Downtime: Rest, Relaxation, Propositions, and Waiting For a Damn Fight to Start.

Episode IV: Siege the Forge, Secure the Schema, Steal the Gold. Easy, Right?
Session 12: Parting Gifts Include the Deed, Acid to the Face, and Lockjaw.
Session 13: I Killed Lots of Vampires and All I Got Was This Experimental Forge.
Session 14: That All Sounds Wonderful… But Can You Enchant a Sword?
Kerra Solo: Heads Will Roll.
Kerra Solo: Broken Staff, Broken Soul, Broken Heart.
Dorian Solo: To be named, still…

Episode V: Even Heroes Take Vacations
Arc 1: The Herocal
Chapter 1: Meet the Heroes, the Villains, and the Things That Bind Them.

Session Logs

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