The Progenitor Forge

Current Inventory

2  : Siberys Dragonshards.
14 : Eberron Dragonshards.
5 : Khyber Dragonshards.

Minor Dragonshard: 1/10
Average Dragonshard: 1
Major Dragonshard: 10

Process List


Process Cost Description
Draconic Soulmend 20 An immediate extended rest.
Arcane Infusion 5 On the next attack, either add +3 to hit, or +3 to damage.
In addition, Arcane Infusions can be used by clever players to enhance or provide a tool for heroics.


Process Cost Description
Dragonword 20 Open a Nexus Gate for one hour.
Dragonwing 1 Transport a single person or 200 lbs. between a Nexus Gate or Nexus Beacon.


Process Cost Description
Gateforge 50 Create a Nexus Gate.
Destinystone 1 Create a Nexus Beacon.

The Progenitor Forge

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